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  1. Trident - The three-pronged spear of Poseidon, god of the seas; Trident Gum is a popular gum. (Note: 'Tria' is Greek for 'three' and 'donti' means 'tooth'; hence, Trident translates literally as 'three-teeth', or 'triple-toothed'. Trident Gum, if one is to believe the advertising, helps to clean your teeth, thus the allusion.)

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Atlas - Was doomed to support the heavens on his shoulders; a modern moving company (Atlas Van Lines); also, Atas Travel is a popular name for travel agencies all over the globe.
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homeCollage_trojan.jpgwilliam peete: There is a tire company and there is a greek god named (trojan).

external image 2641.jpgpandoras-box.jpg
the gaming system is like pandoras box. nicholas bernard

The_selene_team.jpgJoi Reynolds: Selene- Selene is a mythical goddess of the moon. I put this picture here because Team Selene want to land a remote controlled lunar rover on the moon to send information back to Earth. This picture represents Selene because she is the goddess of the moon and she sends information back to Earth when there is a lunar eclipse.

Greek-GroupGods.jpgThis is a picture of almost all gods and goddess, it has
Zues,Poseidon,Athena, Hermes, Dionysus and so on.

Leah Thompson:
external image mobilgas.gif
external image mobilgas.gif
Theres a gas that they use a picture of Pegasus. They use it because they thought it would look cooler with pegasus on it.

saturn_logo.jpgBryanna Massey: I put Saturn because Saturn is the roman name for Cronus.venus.jpgChyah
Venus Beauty Studio-Venus was the name of the greek goddess Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty. This company was inspired by Aphrodites beauty to make other woman beautiful.

AthenaGilded.jpgathena is the godness of battle and wisdom this picture is in jacksonville tenness in the musem some people say it made out of real gold. lexis
flowers.jpgAnna Rose:Chloris is the goddess of flowers and personification of spring and nature. Chloris fFowers are bueatiful and they have about on hundred stores in the United States. These flowers can be used or bought for anything such as Weddings, Anniversarys, Valentines Day etc

mars_candy_bar.jpgMars- Is the roman name for Ares god of war. It is also a candybar, did you know that mars is creator of m&ms, dove, skittles, twix, starburst and more.Kyle brown.


the titans are a football team in the NFL and greek god and godees are titans just like the football team.

external image Gods%20&%20Goddesses%20.gif
the family tree of the gods and godesses